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There are many things in life that it would be so helpful to know in advance. But in no area of life is this more true than marriage and child rearing.

Most of us "old folks" were brought up to want to graduate, from high school or collage (depending upon your socio/economic level) get married, have a family and live happily ever after.
Oh, and by the way, you WERE to provide a better upbringing both financially and emotionally than was given to you.

But why didn't Momma tell me THAT:

You should NEVER live next door to or even in the same block as your parents? Never mind that one of your wedding gifts was a down payment on the house your Mother found for you so she will be able to visit often and babysit.

To spare the rod and spoil the child would ensure that they would live at home until they were 50? Never mind the guilt trips your mother gives you when you try to discipline HER baby (the one YOU gave birth to).

You will NEVER be able to cook as well as your husband's mother. Never mind that both your husband and children raid YOUR kitchen as soon as you return home 1 hour after dinner at Nana's with cries of "we're hungry"?

If you buy something for a special dinner and hide it in your kitchen, someone will find it and have a snack. Never mind that when you serve it to them "they don't like it"; but when questioned they always ask with "why didn't you tell me it was that good"?

The one time you don't clean your kitchen immediately after the kids leave for the day, your minister comes over for an early morning cup of coffee. Never mind that you are so ill you can't think, breathe or function in any way AND the invitation was issued a year ago.

You should start talking about converting their bedrooms to another use, sewing room, sun room, plant room, ANYTHING as soon as they start high school. Never mind the fact that you have never been seen to pick up a needle and thread, and your "green thumb" has been declared a national disaster.?

If you had a large family and have already created the above listed rooms, you should start talking about getting a smaller place when your youngest starts high school so that you will be able to travel and do all the things you dreamed of. Never mind that Father will not sleep anywhere but his own bed and YOU get car sick.

Written by A.Weber

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