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Welcome to Granny's Index

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May I bring you a cup of coffee or tea while you read?

I hope you enjoyed the welcome page. I plan on changing it on an irregular basis, so if you skip right to the index you may miss the new picture. If you are a Native American artist and would like to have your work featured on my welcome page please email me.
NEW will mark the new pages. Nothing fancy, but I kinda like the way it looks. It will be placed by the title of the group that has the new page(s}

If you enjoy these pages, please sign my guestbook. It helps to know that your work is being seen and enjoyed.

When I was updating things, I checked out all the links. Big mistake, I ended up adopting Wolfie and a bunch of other pixies. In the not too far off, I hope to find time for another pixie page. Wolfie is very gentle, but....he IS a Wolf.

Included here are cards you can cut out and color. Nothing serious, just fun stuff.

The First two are some reflections by me on what it was like to grow up American Indian in the Pacific Northwest. The rest? Check them out.

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These are pages that I didn't know where else to put or were one of a kind.

These are pages for your enjoyment.
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newI've added a new fun page for you. It is a spoof on things we wish we had known sooner.

I hope you find something in these pages that you enjoy.

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A special thanks goes to Marsha who has been the greatest friend a gal could ask for. She has stayed up late with me a gazillion nights so I could bounce ideas off her via ICQ. Many, many thanks go your way! Without her support and assitance my own story and the caregiver page could never have been written. These were especially hard to do, and it is only thru her encouragement and support that they were finished.

Until next time, Have fun.

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