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Heart with bird
Heart with bird
Heart with bird
Heart with bird
Heart with bird


Gee, Valentine's day is so much fun
a time to send cards to every one.
This for Michelle, oh and there's John
And Dale will like this, yes, thats the one

For Judi? nah, thats not the thing
Oh, this one here has just the right ring.
Who's next, oh yes, can't forget Mark,
And brother LeRoy, he's such a lark.

Then there is Eddy and can't forget Mom
and Wendy and Sharon, and brother Tom.
But the hardest of all, this I confess,
are my friends on the "Q", oh my yes.

There are so many and none alike,
and one card for all ? Yikes!
It can't be to fussy or frilly I know,
And the will words have to be just so.

Now I've looked both far and near
Can't find a card for those I hold dear.
Some came close, but just not there,
I'm never gonna' find the right card, I swear.

Guess I'll just have to write them a note,
Maybe include a special quote...
One card for so many, what a chore,
but one things for sure, its never a bore.

It must say how they're special and dear
and in my heart I hold each so near.
These friends that I laugh with and cry
Either way, I've seldon a dry eye.

We sit and play crib and trade a smile,
Who wins or loses, you know after a while,
doesn't matter so much as the time with a friend
A friend from the "Q" is what counts in the end.

A friend I'll most likely never see,
but that is still precious and true to me.
A friend who types and LOL's and cya's
A friend with whom I can just be.

Since most likely we'll never meet,
No need for pretense, or acting so sweet
these special friends that I hold so dear
they are so far away and yet so near

So to all my friends I just want to say
upon this special Valentine's day,
Please don't change, to me you're grand
All my "Q" friends through out the land.


written by:
WebGranny, January 17, 1999 Rose with pen and package
Welcome to Granny's

I have created a some Valentine's cards for your little ones to cut out.
Page completed on January 22,1999.
Page redone on February 1, 1999 for Netscape.

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