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My Beautiful Garden

As we stroll through my beautiful garden
I take my grandpasí hand;
I canít stop the tears from flowing;
itís so good to see him again.

Heís amazed at his surroundings
cause everything seems so new.
The world looks like a paradise,
Lions and tigers are friendly too.

He finds no one starving
or living on the street.
No more crime or violence;
since money Ďs obsolete.

No need for a policeman,
doctors or a nurse.
No oneís sick or dying;
Our God wiped away the curse.

Every race of people
Now live in harmony.
All are brothers and sisters;
FinallyÖ true equality.

I explain with satisfaction
how God made wars to cease;
He destroyed all things wicked
and filled the earth with peace.

All of our friends and family
Who have gone to sleep in death
will soon be here to join us
when they awaken from their rest.

Imagine the contentment
as grandpa looks to see
my face as he introduces
his grandparents to me.

As we stroll through my beautiful garden,
I hold my grandpasí hand;
canít stop my smile from gleaming;
itís so good to see him again
In my beautiful garden.

Written for Ezekiel M. McAbee
3-20-02 to 9-29-85

by his granddaughter
LaRhonda Moss in 1996

This page was made by Web Granny
for his daughter, Connie Carter.