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Hi, my name is Web Granny and I


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The art work below will be changed from time to time, to what ever catches my fancy. Since I am Native American it will usually be by or about Native Americans, but not always.

Shadow of the Owl

Shadow of the Owl

This painting deals with the tragedy now called the Trail of Tears. During the winter of 1838 and 1839 sixteen thousand Cherokees were moved overland to Indian Territory. The owl is the messenger of death, during the removal over 4,000 Cherokees died. The owl can be seen as a harbinger of ill or in that by taking the weak and infirm out of their suffering, the owl caused the strength of the Cherokee Nation to prevail.
Written by: John Gutherie

Shadow of the Owl was painted by:
John Gutherie
© John Gutherie
All rights reserved
This and other pictures can be viewed at:

Gutherie Studios

I suggest you read Private Burnett's story of the Trail of Tears to fully understand this tragedy.

Painting is exhibited with the permission of the artist.

I hope you will enjoy exploring my site and visiting with me.