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The Big Green House

Oh, the love, I'll evermore feel
from that Big Green House on the hill.
Soaring around through my mind like a dove
are memories made in that "House of Love".

Sitting in the rockers on the front porch,
breaking beans, shelling peas and shucking that corn
PaPa worked hard in his garden, just to provide
but the pleasure received there, he never could hide.

Every Sunday, fried chicken you'd cook just for me
I didn't know then what a chore that would be.
The scent of pies would flow thru the air,
or my favorite, chocolate cake would surely be there.

Going fishing with PaPa, you'd better not talk.
If you scared the fish, he'd surely balk!
In the shade of the apple tree, cleaning those fish,
to do this again, I continuously wish.

Oh, how swollen with pride I'd always be;
going to church in a dress made 'specially for me.
And when you'd sew us one alike
I'd feel so special, my world was just right.

You trained me to sew, crochet and do crafts.
Together we made Barbie clothes there on the couch.
I miss you so much when whenever we're apart,
but recalling the past brings music to my heart.

Thanks for the memories and the special love you gave.
Your house was a haven which my minds eye will save.
My only hope is that I might possibly be,
half as special to my grandchild as you are to me.

Oh how lonely I'll evermore feel
missing the love lost, in that house on the hill.

Written by LaRhonda Lee Carter Moss
in loving memory of her grandparents
Eva Lee and Ezekiel Martin McAbee

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